Time Tracking Reports

Powerful Reports

Make confident decisions based on direct reports, using two smart tools provided by
Time Tracking platform.

Back Office reports

Schedule and work time violations, tasks and expense structure, exceeded deadlines and business trips reports

export your reports into desired format

Download reports and view them in PDF or Microsoft Office Excel. Alternatively you can send them to the desired e-mail address.


With the Power BI analytics explore the data with only few clicks


Drive better business decisions across your organization with Microsoft Power BI

time tracking ceo dashboard

CEO dashboard

Designed to provide all the information manager needs in real time and direct access to the live data

Time Tracking

A simple timecard showcase, with easy to read summary of organizations’s time tracking data. Managers could see all the timecards from direct reports.

Task Management

Reports of collected data of work tasks made, offering overview of status of tasks in current or last month, packed in smart way.

Business Trips

Visual dashboards that deliver insights of scheduled, current or past business trips, with easy way to calculate the expenses taken on a business trip.

FAQs about Time Tracking reports

1. Can I view the reports in real time?

All generated reports are real time. Regarding the last month statistics, they can be viewed 1st of the month for last month. Regarding the current data all reports are refreshed every hour while the working hours are met.

Here at Time Tracking we do our best that all data are up to date. However, Power BI being an external service, sometimes happens that data are not instantly refreshed. To update the data simply pull down to refresh and data will be in real time.

Power BI is a multi-platform service which means that it has the possibility to simultaneously display data in real time on Mobile and Desktop application alongside with Web preview.

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