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Privacy Statement

Company Simula d.o.o. Novi Sad, (hereinafter referred to Simula), Čika Stevina 10, Novi Sad, identification number: 21249939, VAT: 109827697, is the owner and the issuer of the Time Tracking mobile application on iOS and Android mobile platforms (hereinafter Time Tracking Application) and Time Tracking WEB Portal (hereinafter Time Tracking WEB Portal).

Company Telekom Serbia a.d. Belgrade (hereinafter referred to Telekom), Takovska 2, Belgrade, identification number: 17162543, VAT: 100002887 have an exclusively right to use Time Tracking Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal under business-cooperation agreement No. 469238/1-2018 as of date 1st November 2018.

With this privacy statement Simula & Telekom informs its clients, suppliers or persons otherwise affected by the processing of personal data that Simula & Telekom carries out in the course of the activities mentioned in this privacy statement. Simula & Telekom is responsible for the contents of Time Tracking App and the processing of personal data in connection therewith, as far as another representative is not expressly referred to.

Privacy of users of the Time Tracking Application is of special importance to the company Simula & Telekom. Companies Simula & Telekom is committed to respecting your privacy and confidentiality of your information.

Time Tracking Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal

Simula & Telekom operates the Time Tracking Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal, which offers users the possibility to track working hours, business tasks and business trips on their smartphones and allows end users to have Power BI reports in regards above mentioned possibilities. The privacy statement and the terms of use of Time Tracking Mobile Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal by users and the data processing in connection therewith can be found here:

Customers of Time Tracking Application can, pursuant to our privacy statement and the terms of use ( and by using the Time Tracking WEB Portal, publish Power BI reports connected to the Time Tracking Application which is then displayed in the user Power BI applications. Personal data that customers make available to us in connection with the use of the Time Tracking Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal (such as e-mail addresses, location of use etc.) is used by Simula & Telekom for the implementation of the Time Tracking Application Service delivered by Time Tracking Application and Time Tracking WEB Portal.

The User of the Time Tracking Application (hereinafter User) by using or accessing to the Time Tracking Applications agrees willingly, without coercion, threats misconceptions and any flaws of will, to the Privacy policy of the Time Tracking Mobile Application (hereinafter Privacy policy).

The company Simula & Telekom has the right to collect, use and handle all the information collected via Time Tracking platform. Simula & Telekom company is committed to the personal data of users of Time Tracking, as well as information about the transactions of the same kept in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Official Gazette of RS, no. 97/08 from 27.10.2008., 104/09 - Dr. Law 68 / 2012- decision of US and 107/2012) (hereinafter the Act), or use for their own needs and the needs of partners Time Tracking as marked on Time Tracking WEB portal, in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia. Updated list of external partners with which the company Simula & Telekom has concluded a special Partnership Agreement in Time Tracking, where it is possible to use Time Tracking Application, available on the Time Tracking WEB Portal, as in other Time Tracking promotional materials.

The user of Time Tracking may at any time revoke the consent to the processing of data is carried out without any legal basis, in written form or orally on the record, and that is bound to Controller data compensate justified costs and damages in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia governing liability for damages.

The companies Simula & Telekom is liable for misdemeanor liability if it processes data that is not allowed in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Types of personality data

Type of personal data that will be collected: name, surname, office email address, office phone number, office address, business trip address, user’s phone space and time data.

We do not collect particularly sensitive personality data.

Purpose of processing

Data are collected and processed according to the needs of the end users of the Time Tracking Platform and provision of service of recording of working hours, recording of business trips and recording of business tasks.

Type of people that personal data refer to

The End Users of Time Tracking Platform are all adult people that have the license to use their mobile applications through Time Tracking Platform.

The way of collecting and storing data

Collecting of data is done first and foremost trough Time Tracking Platforms and joint mobile applications (Android and iOS). All of the data are being kept in the electronic form in safe environment Telekom Serbia Data Center located in Belgrade and in accordance with highest industrial standards that relate to data access, and which are implemented within the Telekom Data Center.

Deadline for storing and using data

Deadline for storing and use of data is permanent.

Name of the State, apropos International Organization and foreign user, Legal basis and purpose of input/output of data

All of the data is located on Telekom Data Center environment where local (replica) data base is kept, in Tier III ANSI data center of the Simula Company. User data are being kept safe by the processor Telekom Serbia.

Precautions taken

All data that are located within the Telekom Data Center environment are protected in accordance with the industry standard and the use of Active Directory technology for authentication and authorization of access. All database services, apropos applicative servers, use exclusively an AD model of authentication and authorization as the highest level of security of access to data and services. At the same time, the infrastructure itself supports all the most important industry standards in the field of data security. Data synchronization between Telekom Data Center environment and Simula locale data center in Serbia is carried out by using SQL Always On replication and IPSec technology and with traffic encryption between locations.

Data security

The protection of personal data is performed using appropriate organizational and technical measures. These measures involve in particular the protection against unauthorized, unlawful or coincidental access, processing, loss, use and manipulation.

Notwithstanding the efforts to continuously maintain an appropriately high standard of care, it cannot be excluded that information that you disclose through us over the internet is viewed and used by other persons.

Please note that we assume no liability of any kind whatsoever for the disclosure of information occurring as a result of errors during data transmission not caused by us and/or unauthorized access by third parties (e.g. hacking attack on e-mail or phone, interception of faxes).

We are committed to ensure that data leaks are recognized early and if applicable reported to our users as well as the competent supervisory authority, referencing the respective data categories affected.

The User agrees that the company Simula & Telekom, all data contained within the Time Tracking Applications, and in accordance with the Law and positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia, can use for analysis of the collected data, and deliver content through the Time Tracking WEB Portal and the Time Tracking Applications, apropos enable for additional services for the Users of the Time Tracking Applications and of the Time Tracking WEB Portal.

When installing each new version of the Time Tracking Application, the Time Tracking User will receive clear information about the necessary rights and agree to use the mobile phone, apropos relevant parts of the phone (camera, NFC reader, GPS sensor etc.). They must be explicitly accepted by Time Tracking Application Users.

Time Tracking User can at any time via Time Tracking WEB Portal and/or Time Tracking Applications, apropos through a written statement, request a change of personal information that was previously submitted in the context of Electronic Application Form.

If you have any further questions in relation to Simula & Telekom data protection policies, you can contact us at any time using

This Privacy policy will enter into force on 01st November 2018. and will remain valid until the adoption of new ones.