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Dive right into the future of business with this great time and task tracking management application!

Why Time Tracking application?

Mobile time track can easily control work time flow for all workers or remote teams on different locations. It can help with time theft, reduce timesheet errors and improve time tracking in general.

Data Insight

Modernize the working environment, increase efficiency and profitability by organizing seamlessly time and tasks of your working force.

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For the current or past day, week, or month

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An overview of the days spent for vacation or sick leave, etc.


Review of completed, failed, in progress or pending tasks

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Timeline for past or scheduled business trips

Who uses Time Tracking mobile application?

Whether you run a small business, a factory or a large company, Time Tracking application helps track and manage employees by saving money, simplifying payroll and improving billing and invoicing.

Employees can keep track of time at different jobs, projects or locations and get their tasks trough the application, as well as remainders to check-out when their working hours have expired.

FAQs about Time Tracking mobile application

1. What if phone battery empties?

The application will continue to measure working hours until phone is turned on and working hours stopped

Yes! Main functionalities such as start/stop working time and/or pause can be used without internet connection. The first time the phone connects to the internet all important data will be sent to the Back Office.

The number of data which is used on a daily basis is measured in tens of kB(approx. 3MB a month)

Time Tracking only record the location when an employee has started its working session and until he stopes the session and also when on business trip or when his working task is in progress. Time Tracking doesn’t keep evidence of location during breaks, day offs and holidays

Application can be secured with 4 digits passcode while the account can be secured with 2FA (2 factor authentication). Here at Time Tracking user’s privacy is our number one.

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