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Improve resource utilization and overall profitability

Reducing manual bookkeeping efforts

Enable time-cost allocation across the org chart and per FTE

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Increased security level

Discovering exposures and data leaks

GDPR compliant

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Online accurate FTE data (time, geo, clients, partners)

Document working procces with time and geofencing data

Start service with zero CAPEX

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Benchmarking employees and org units

Discover work-time gaps

Enable pattern discovery

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Save thousands on payroll by tracking employee hours

Organize the working hours and pause duration, by creating shifts, non-working days and holidays.

Arrange the workforce in teams, give them a group assignment and view your company’s business in real time.

The main difference between the manual time tracking, and time tracking with our application is the accurate data. Avoid manual time track reporting with high level of errors which can potentially end up costing a lot.

Paper timesheets, although still in use, are outdated, work time management with RFID cards require complicated, and mostly expensive installation of card readers, servers and printing out the cards.

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